zioxi Chromebook Charging Cabinet


zioxi Chromebook Charging Cabinet

Neat, compact “desktop” charging solutions

A compact, robust charging cabinet that can accommodate 8 chromebooks, ultrabooks and MacBooks upto 13.3″ screen sizes. Separate storage compartment for power adapters and cables, with only a short length of cable presented to each shelf – so no cable mess and no adapters or cables going missing!

Available with or without a lockable door and with the option of a digital code, RFID or key lock.  Doors fold back 270 degrees for easy access. Optional bracket for tethering the cabinet to a wall and / or for wall mounting. Suitable for all Chromebook brands including Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, HP and Asus. Ideal for sitting on top or within cupboard units or on desktop surfaces. For use in offices, hospitals and learning spaces.

Classrooms, offices, museums and any back office mobile device setting.

CHRGC-CB-08-K Chromebook cabinet for 8 – Key lock 44W x 42D x 39H
CHRGC-CB-08-C Chromebook cabinet for 8 – Code lock 44W x 42D x 39H

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