Labdisc Portable STEM lab


All-in-One, complete lab in the palm of your hand

Labdisc is the only solution for K-12 science with up to 14 wireless sensors built into a single compact device – revolutionizing science in terms of convenience, cost and portability: Saving up to 90 minutes on lab setup time.

The Labdisc uses Bluetooth communication between the data logger and the computer, with a single wireless transmission for up to 14 sensors, reducing radio interference and eliminating the need for costly transmitters built into every sensor.


The Labdisc sensors deliver unbeatable value for money when compared with any other package with the same number of sensors. Features such as display, keypad, memory and a very long battery life make stand-alone data collection possible without the need for computer investments.


Automatic sensor testing and calibration

The Labdisc’s internal microprocessor automatically calibrates and tests all the built-in sensors to a known reference, so educators can focus on science concepts rather than equipment setup and calibration.


Over 150 hours of battery life

The very long battery life of the Labdisc makes it a practical tool for inside or outside the classroom and provides an ideal solution for long-term experiments such as plant growth, weather change and pollution.

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