zioxi 1:1 Laptop Charging Locker


zioxi 1:1 Laptop Charging Locker

Multi or single user, laptop charging lockers with power adapter storage

The 8 locker compartments are accessed via individual code locks. Each user chooses a 4 digit code, enters it twice to lock the door and once to re-open. The next user repeats the process, so each locker compartment can be used by different people throughout the day. There’s an option for single user codes for repeat usage and master codes for if codes are forgotten. Also available with key locks.

The zioxi 1:1 Laptop Charging Lockers are designed for situations such as 1:1 computing where the type of laptop to be charged is known. The 1:1 Charging Locker has a separate electrical compartment with shelving for storing & plugging in laptop power adapters; so there’s no need for users to cart around adapters and cables.

The lockers are very compact, stackable and suitable for Laptops, Chromebooks and Netbooks with up to 15.6″ screen sizes.

Classrooms, LRCs, ICT areas and any space where multi-user, mobile device charging facilities are required.

CHLC-11L-08 Charging locker for 8 netbooks – Code locks 63H x 49W x 53D
CHLK-11L-08 Charging locker for 8 netbooks – Key locks 63H x 49W x 53D

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