zioxi Chromebook Charging Cupboard


zioxi Chromebook Charging Cupboard

Unobtrusive small laptop charging

The zioxi Chromebook Charging cupboard provides charging and storage for 16 or 32 small laptops, chromebooks, netbooks and tablets including the Toshiba, Dell, Acer and HP Chromebooks and the MacBook Air. Suitable for most Chromebooks with up to 14″ screens and Laptops with 13″ screens – but please see Specifications for maximum sizes. Laptops are stored horizontally as they should be and only a short length of power lead is presented to each shelf.

The laptop power adapters and cables are stored in a separate electrical compartment, hidden by a removable metal panel accessible from the front of the cupboard. Power management is fitted as standard. The zioxi Chromebook Charging cupboard has lockable doors which fold back 270 degrees for easy access.

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals and Businesses

CHRGC-CB-16 Static charging cupboard for 16 small laptops & chromebooks 49W x 50D x 86H
CHRGC-CB-32 Static charging cupboard for 32 small laptops & chromebooks 91W x 50D x 86H

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