zioxi Fruit Trees


zioxi Fruit Trees

A screen, a set of hooks or just plain fun

Use an zioxi Apple Tree as a space divider, a coat hanger or somewhere for the children to hang their artwork; you could even turn it into a Xmas tree in December. Great fun however you use it. Choose your fruit tree from Apple, Orange, Lemon or Plum varieties, all available with an optional semi or full circle of seating around the tree trunk.

Ideal for any Early Years or Primary school settings.

Classrooms, breakout spaces and libraries.

TRE-AP-B Fruit tree with 60cm base plate 120W x 151H
TRE-AP-S Fruit tree with semicircular seat 120W x 151H
TRE-AP-C Fruit tree with high circular seat 120W x 151H

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