zioxi iMac Power Up Table


zioxi iMac Power Up Table

Eye catching collaborative tables for showing off (or concealing) your iMacs 

Press the up button and the central mechanism rises to reveal an iMac, keyboard and mouse for each seat. Press the down button and everything is hidden away, leaving a clear table. The table is available in circular or rectangular shapes, several sizes and a variety of colours.

For open plan learning zones, ICT suites,  libraries, meeting rooms and conference facilities.

For open-plan learning zones, ICT suites, libraries, meeting rooms and conference facilities

PUT-6-iMAC Collaborative table for 6 iMacs 255W x 177D x 72H
PUT-8-iMAC Collaborative table for 8 iMacs 316W x 177D x 72H
PUT-10-iMAC Collaborative table for 10 iMacs 377W x 177D x 72H

Other options are available. Contact us for details

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