zioxi s41 Round & Square Seats


zioxi s41 Round & Square Seats

Versatile, useful addition to any space

The zioxi s41 Round and s41 Square individual soft seats come as a cylinder or cube and provide flexible additional informal seating.

The zioxi s41 soft seating is available in a wide range of colours & fabrics, and in heights to suit Primary age children through to fully grown students. The zioxi HubTable provides a range of complimentary tables with integrated mains and USB power.

Great for classrooms, LRCs, reception areas and any informal, more casual open plan spaces.

Reception areas, breakout spaces and open-plan learning zones

S41-RND42-S5 S41 Round Stool – Adult 42w x 42D x 46H
S41-RND42-S3 S41 Round Stool – Junior 42w x 42D x 35H
S41 – SQ2-S5 S41 Square Stool – Adult 42w x 42D x 46H
S41 – SQ2-S3 S41 Square Stool – Junior 42w x 42D x 35H

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